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Monday, August 29, 2011

Farewell to FFS? LOL

Lika Games can no longer afford to support Friends For Sale and will cease operation on September 3, 2011.

Over the last eleven months we have tried to restore game functionality and simplify the interface. Unfortunately, we could not attract enough new players. It is difficult to support a game under these circumstances and we do not believe we can solve these issues in the near future. Thanks for playing.

My current status =D

My top and 10B max babies =)

5b Max babies =)
And more to come!!!!! (If I'm not lazy =p)

After knowing that FFS gonna close only sibuk nak raise pet. LOL. Don't wanna waste my cash ma.. 100B leh... =D

From 127B to 81B... Add 2 more pet.. tee-heee ^^

Ok, I know I very lame. But its holiday yo~ Chill la =D

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