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Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Wednesday yo!

Three movies for the day. Zookeeper + Love is the only answer + Final destination 5. After been abandoned by you know who you are. Bo jio bo jio bo jio!!!!.. Wuwuwu =( 

Zookeeper@Aeon BT TGV. Rated 8/0. Don't really like the sound of those animals. It would be much more nicer if they were much more sweet and cute?? Hmm. Not bad la overall, kinda funnyyyy... heheh =D

2nd movie@MBO Klang =D coz TGV don't have. Hmph. =X It's also same like the movie "Marriage with a liar or something.." The story gives bad advice. Haha. "Nan ren bu huai nv ren bu ai"?? Well, overall for me is ok lo.. 5 bucks movie. Not bad la. Rated 7/10 =D 

Finally, Final Destination 5 via FENG XIN @ laptop. Kolian betul.... >.<"
Kinda fake though the way they died. Who still dare to go for laser treatment or massage service or whatever it is?? Lol. But overall, still ok la the movie. Haha. Rated 7/10 =D

What't next??? =D

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