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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selangor one day trip @_@

Yeah, that's right. Selangor one day trip. The story begins like this:

 Once upon a time........
just kidding lol XD

As Mr.Mc, the organizer had planned a trip which all seniors and juniors of HELP CAT to join. And the plan was to go to Bukit Cahaya. Unfortunately, when all of us reach there, its CLOSED @_@ Too bad.. Luckily juniors didn't come if not don't know how to jiao dai.. Haha. Never mind, head on for breakfast at Eng Ann. Decide and decide where to go. Finally decided to go to Zoo Negara to let the animals see us. Yeah =D
When we reach there, we were excited at first then head on to find parking. As we drove into the parking area, the line was like 1km long. @_@ Fine, don't wanna waste time there also. What next? Head back to Aeon Bukit Tinggi to sing K. Since it was public holiday and the price was like RM28++ and for 3 hours T__T Some  of us decided to go for movie then. Good choice because the movie is awesome! Bloody movie. Suits you Cory =D We watched Conan, the Barbarian.

Rated 9/10. Too bad they censored few ahemm part. Haha. =P

After fetching Miss Ong back, AhLong,Joy,Ivan and me went to Bukit Melawati to let the monkeys to see us. Yeah cos morning didn't see those animals bu kan yuan. LOL. 

Met Kento, Alex and Mei Yee there too! What a coincidence =)

Me and monkey and baby monkey =D

Proceed on to Pantai Remis to watch sunset =D
Ah Long and brothas brought us for dinner at a restaurant near Kapar. Delicious baby =D

Finally, went to Fairies cafe to yumcha. 

The End =D

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