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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too much to process.

Went Alex's studio for rehearsal justnow.
Coming up performance = 4th of Sept 2011
Although we are using some of the steps from Flashmob,
but seems like I started to forget the steps d.. T.T
And even when we keep repeat the routine for Change,
but I still will mixed up our position, 
not only that, I easily get confused with CIRCLES!!!
(*Confused* @_________@)
Yeah for goodness sake!!! CIRCLES!!!!
to turn your head clockwise and anti-clockwise,
it's not that hard I believe,
but I just can't make it perfect.
and I really doubt whether I do really have short-term memory lost..
Final exam is next week.
Two more presentations to go,
Phewwww...... god bless me....

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