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Friday, September 23, 2011

Arthur's Day 2011

Yo yo yo! Everybody put your hands up yo! Taio Cruz in the house! Woohooooo.... Make some noiseeeeeee XD Yeah that's right... It's Taio Cruz live for the very first time at Malaysia on this very special event. Was lucky because Chriz got extra tickets and so fortunately we reach there kinda early compared to those who reach there when the event end! Haha. You know who I'm referring to :p Well then, we enjoyed the concert though. Although only 1 can of Guiness to drink, hello come on la! It's free so what more do you expect? Haha. So yeah, do we have Henessy next? LOL ^^


The crowd =) *Picture taken from Facebook*

Chriz, me, ball and Happy

me, ivan, iona

I look funny here!! >.<

To Arthur!!! =)

More picture @ HERE ^^

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