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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

醉后决定爱上你 ♥

Yayyyy =D I finally completed watching this drama. Such a romantic and meaningful drama. Fulls of comedy sometimes also. Love it. Rated 10/10 You know what, last two night, I watch this drama till 6am in the morning. I couldn't take my eyes of because every part make me wanna continue watching and watching. Haha. Those of you who haven't watch, you should go and watch. =D

The main actor and actress (The two from the right is so pretty and handsome~ Cham jing de!!!!! XD)
From left: Joseph Chang, Rainie Yang, Tiffany Xu and Tom Price :):)

Ps: Can you imagine you went drunk and the next day you got married with a stranger?? Haha. I can't imagine that yo! XOXO

Watch the preview below =)

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