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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chill chill @ Sungai Chilling

Don't know where to chill? Of course Sungai Chiling la! Name also call Chiling Falls liao lo =p Haha.

Camwhore in the car before going! XD

But hey I'm serious. You all gotta go there once! It's so freaking awesome man! The water is so so cool.. and the place is fuhhh... beautiful. =) You can't reach the waterfall by driving like how you can drop by when you come down from Cameron okay. =p 

Before we began our journey,
Before getting to that waterfall, you would need to walk through the jungle pathway and you will get to see things like this:

and had to go through five crossings where you for sure will get your lower body part WET!!! :P
Like this:

But you will for sure enjoy it like we did!! ^^

and here we are!!!! ^^
Cool Jacuzzi :p

You can pose like nobody business! The whole place is yours!!!!!! XD

More pictures @ HERE =)
More info about the waterfall @ HERE =)

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