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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A free date!

Woohooo!!! A free date for Dummy and I =D
We both enjoyed our free movie and free Starbucks today!

Yeah that's right!
All FREE!!! Heheh =D


Wondering why we've got the free Starbucks voucher? ^^ This is because previously that lucky fella participated in a Starbucks contest and he won. 

He drew this :)

and he got this from Starbucks!

this is the box

Yay! it's a cup ^^

and of course, the FIVE free Starbucks voucher!! Such a lucky boy!!

And that's not the end!! Recently he participated in another contest from Starbucks and he won three times again @___@  He used his account, his brother's account and I won because he help me with it. Brilliant!!!
Seems like Starbucks have faith with him! Haha!

Well, back to our date, we went to watch Johnny English =D
Erm erm erm... not really as we actually expected. Out of 10, rated 8?? =) But his character was always funny, that's why Mr.Bean is so popular though! It won't be nice if it wasn't funny! Heheh..xD

Anyways, I can't wait for my Starbucks gift to be delivered to my house!
Till then, adios! xD

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