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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Smurfs

Yo smurfs! Whatz smurfs everyone! You know what? The Smurfs are really smurftastic!! They are so eenie meenie tiny cute and so blueee... Smurf them!! Haha. Was laughing almost all time during the show. Awesome one smurfs!!! The bad guy garbagemel opss I mean gargamel was so funny also, with his accent of the way he talk, the stupid act of him. So stupid of him being fool by those tiny little cute guys. Haha! This movie was very meaningful and it taught is a lesson too, "Do not look down on people who always make mistake or do wrong!!" Just take Clumsy our hero as an example!!! =p Anyways, rated this movie 10/10 A++ Woohoooo!!! XD Let's get smurfs yo!!!

Watch the trailer :

Up next : Jonny English =D

Lalalalala.. Sing a happy song... Lalalalala.. Smurf the whole day long! 
I think I just got smurfs!!! =)

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