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Monday, October 17, 2011

Got robbed.

Out of so many person. Why it has to be my mum? Fuck the stupid robber!! I called and asked her everything that happen. She was fine and was making a report at the police station. Thank god she's safe. What makes me sad was, she asked me "Did you all tell dad?" I said NOT YET. But she said that we don't have to tell him. But I really really can't stop myself from telling dad. No matter how worst was their relationship right now, I think he should at least know about it. I felt really really awful.
I wish I could cry out loud right now.
I wish there would be a shoulder for me to lean on.
A hug to make me feel better and comfort.
I wish you were right here beside me..
I wish you know...
Feelings is just so complicated.
And I just can't control it.
I really can't.
Emo night.
Thanks to those who show your concerns. I'm really glad that there's people who actually concern about me. My mum was really strong. If it was me, I think I would cry like nobody's business. Hmm...
I wish that f*cker robber will get the punishment of what he had done!
Night all. Bye.

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