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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Open House

Our Malaysian Studies lecturer, Miss Uma had invited us to her in law's house for open house! Just came back from her house at Sunway. Angel, Wae Yee, Timun, Heng Shen, Woh Sheng, Vincent Tong, Kijo, Boon Wei, Benedict, Shieh Ren, yeap 11 of us went there to finish her food. LOL. Seriously, the food was so delicious! The rendang, mutton curry, prawn curry, chicken curry... omg... and not forgotten the TOSAI!!!!! Cooked live by miss herself!! yummmm yummmmmm (: And as they said the SALAD that made by miss was so delicious also. I didn't taste it cos I don't eat vege as you all know.. hehe.. Oh, we loved the MURUKU also ^^ 
Once again, HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all Indian people who celebrating Deepavali! Enjoy yo! Eat more muruku!!! XOXO

Till then, more pictures on the way! Waiting for Woh Sheng and Heng Shen to upload =)

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