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Monday, October 24, 2011

Disney Fantasia 2011

FAS223 presents to you....


Yeah you heard it right! None other than Disney!! Wheeeee... This was our final and our biggest project for the class. Every group has to come out with a performance based on Disney Theme where we can either sing, dance, act, play music instrument or anything at all as long as there's musical element in it! Overall, it was success la. Although not many people turned up but the hall was fulled though! I believed the people that came sure did enjoy the show. I can't stop laughing when I watch Chee Siang's group's video! Nice work guys! Others have their own creativity way of performing too! 
Conclusion is... THUMBS UP to everyone! 

During show =)

Before our show =)
in toilet =p

me and wae yee.. she looks cute here ^^

After show =)
Me and our dear princess =p

Us with Miss Lee ^^
All in this together!!!! XD

More pictures @ HERE =)
*Videos on the way, haven't upload~ stay tune at my Facebook yea!!! ^^*

My awesome groupmates!!! =)


-A FAS223 2011 production-

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