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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Private Halloween Party =)

Chriz invite us to her sister's house for her family's Halloween Party. I was thinking to join or not at first because I got final exam coming soon. When she called and asked me she told me that we would be enjoying all day long, eating, there's beer also.. swimming and there's jacuzzi also..Then the next morning we can go for a walk there and straight back to Klang for dance class. Arghhh!!! It's so tempting! Then finally I decide to go! LOL. I will regret for the night if I didn't go. Haha.
And guess what? The event was real awesome! Everyone make up and put effort to wear costume and decorate and stuffs all.. Arghhh.. hard to describe.. see picture ba :)

Chriz's bro in law and niece :)

The family in the house yo :)

She's so adorable right :)

Nice one! haha. XD

After party, pool time yo! :) and FYI, its during midnight ^^

Ish.. need to cut my sibeh long de fringe liao @_@

It's cool to have a house with swimming pool where you can swim whenever you want. Right? :)

Chriz's brother in law brought us to the golf club in the next morning. There's actually a PGA Tour going on. So we went there to have a look and have our breakfast along :)

Love the view from 3rd floor :)

The Mine golf club (Hole No. 19th)

Only members with tag can go in =)

Head back for 2nd round of swimming

I was the photographer as I didn't went down. hehe.

By the way, along the way when we walked back from the golf club, we passed by our ex pm, Dr.Mahathir's house. He stayed there rupanya... And Chriz's brother told me that his house got lift wan. Wahhh... @_@ LOL. 


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