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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sorcerer and the white snake.

Another free movie via Nuffnang coupon. xD Watched this Cantonese movie this time. It's all about love love love. Can you accept a demon as your lover? Well, if he's handsome it might be hard for me to resist him though :P A movie by Tony Ching which I have no idea who is that. Overall, it was a romantic movie which contains a little bit of humor which I love it. And the bat demon was ugly. I don't like it. =X But I love both of the snake demon. Pretty =) Hmm.. love the action and the fighting part.. I wish I got super power like them too. So damn yeng man.. LOL. Childish me.. hahaha. Oh and of course, free Starbucks again.. Java chip this time~♥ Anyways, rated this movie 8/10. ^^

Watch trailer here: 


Left 4 free movie tickets. Hehe. Coming up soon: MAD GHOST on 15th October. Adios ^^

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