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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The three musketeers :)

I don't know what this movie was about at first. And I don't feel like watching it at first. But since Mr.Dummy wants to watch it so desperately, hence I decided to sacrifice my study time to accompany him to watch. :p Haha. I was totally wrong! This movie was awesome shit!!!! Especially when I saw Logan Lerman came out in the movie, I felt more semangat to watch! HAHAHA. LOL. Anyways, a nice action romantic comedian movie. Rated 9/10 :)

The main cast- MUSKETEERS :) 

But seriously, what happen to my handsome Logan's hair?

Like this ma nice lo :)
In case you don't remember, he's the cast from Percy Jackson. Yeah that's right! My handsome boy :)

Watch trailer here:

Oh oh oh and I forget to mention, this was the third FREE movie via Nuffnang voucher.. yeah.. of course.. with the accompany of Starbucks + Popcorns this time XDXD

Surprise today was failed anyway. LOL

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