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Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy birthday Aris Cy =)

I planned for this day since like don't know how many months ago. @_@ Well, all ideas came up one by one recently though. I can't remember car park was who's idea d. Bad memory I have I know. :X And thanks to Tsm for spoiling the surprise. Ish.. He would be more surprise if he didn't saw Mr.Teh >.< But nevermind la, I think Mr.Aris is happy enough though =) He was like kinda disappointed because his friends didn't celebrate together with him. He was expecting like a big surprise where everyone will pop out in the restaurant! Haha. Well, the surprise was a success! It was easy to trick a dumdum person la. Opsss...
I really meant it. Haha. =p I can win best actress awards liao. Actually everyone who pakat together can get awards too especially Mc as he was the one that always being questioned in the office! haha. XD

He was excited with his pressie and give a test on it ^^

Dinner at WindMill =)

making wish and blowed the candle after that. really thought no birthday cake d. hahaha =p

Surprise later on at  Aeon's car park:

with the girls =)

and the boys =)

all in this together ^^

TBC at Fairies Cafe =)


Stay happy always kay! =)
I hope you can be really successful in your singing career! You know we all love to hear you sing don't you?:) Please have more confident and faith on yourself. You are good and we all know it. Good luck k! Waiting for your album. hehe. all of us will for sure buy original copy ^^ and and and.. I hope you enjoyed your celebration. Hope this 21st birthday give you one of the best birthday ever! Take good care of all your pressie please... =)

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