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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy birthday Ivan Ong =)

Wheeee... I guess you know that we gonna celebrate for you also right? Aiks... not surprise jor.. Wuwu :X Do you know your birthday cake was at the restaurant before we went there? We want to let you think that we only celebrate for Cy and expect you to be surprised when there's another birthday cake came out again. Cos you might think that every year everyone shared the same cake ma, so might not expect the surpise. Haha :p (But you somemore know how to complain too many cake hor.. ish -.-) 
But anyway, I hope you enjoyed your celebration la.... I hope? :X 

Comelnya aku ni :p

We love to camwhore!!! :p

what's with that face ivan? -.-

More pictures available @ HERE :)

21st years old d lo. Sang sang seng seng lo... haha. 
Stay happy and lengzai always ya! ^^

P/s: My first time own made cupcakes not bad right?
Everyone say its nice leh.. muahahaha.. XD 
Do keep my card nicely ya. Limited edition one k :p

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