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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Party Rocks!!!!

Guess what? Although this is not a proper club but  I can say that this is the most awesome party that I had ever went to!!!!! It's like a mega clubbing as they said. =D Its so fucking awesome la.. For those who didn't come really wasted jor. You guys waste the ticket and missed the fun! =X Oh for those who don't know about this event, we actually won ourselves a ticket from Hennessy Artistry. There's a contest on Facebook and all you need to do is just REGISTER -.- *This is the most easiest contest that I had ever participated. LOL* The top 200 people will win 4 tickets to the party! Easy? DUHHHH -.- Oh of course la, you need to have a crazy large network where you have a big sum up of friends, been tagged in lots of photos, all those post, and liking stuff la.. *wink wink* I'm not showing off but yeah that's the fact la. hehe. =D Anyway, conclusion is: the party was awesome yo! The singers, dancers, music everything was superb! Looking forward for next year's partayyyyyy!!!! :)

More pictures available at :

Check out Hennessy Malaysia's page for more up-to-date news, pictures and whatever you wanna find! :p

Ok ok. Enough of all the DSLR hi quality picture. We don't have a good quality one but as long as we are inside. What tok me. @_@
Camwhore time =p

Willis you are so cutee la :p

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