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Thursday, November 10, 2011

In time

Can you imagine if you are living in a world which runs by time? You will know how long you will survive, you need to work to earn your own time, you rob time not money, you can transfer time among each other. It's all about hours, minutes and seconds. The rich may live for centuries.. decades.. while the poor one can't survive long. I really can't imagine if our world were like that. I wouldn't want to know how long more can I survive =( But I really really salute and admire those brilliant people who think of the story line. Its so creative la.. Just like inception.. tron legacy and lots more.. I mean we wouldn't have imagine all those will actually happen in our real world right? I mean like duhhhh... Haha. Awesome movie. Although the story line    gave a bad influence to people. But they have a good motive though. They rob for good people =P Rated this movie 9/10 =) 

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