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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The making of the birthday cupcakes ♥

The next day is my Music and Malaysian Studies exam and this is what I did instead of revising =p Thanks  to Mc for his kitchen and oven and fridge and tissue and spoons and water and plate and whatever it is! Haha. =)

Thx to Sm who fetch me to buy all the ingredients and materials needed for baking. =)

Tried to bake 1 cupcake first. hehe. ^^

The result:
Look was half burned but the taste was superb! :p

And so we proceed to 2nd attempt with more cupcakes this time.

Looking good........ ^^

The result:
Omg FAIL. Should not let it heat from UP way. :X

But that does not stop us! Continue with 3rd attempt again =)

Better this time ^^

Finally our last attempt =)

Perfecto!!!! XD


See how lucky both of you are to have me =p Sedap right? I was glad that I managed to bake such delicious cupcakes. Even my family loves it! I'm so happy... hehehe.  Will for sure bake again next time! XOXO

And FYI, this was the actual cupcakes: VERY BERRY @ STRAWBERRY & CREAM which suppose to turns out but maybe I ter-mixed the chocolate in the cream that's why it turns out to be chocolate!!! Haha. So it becomes ROYALE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES!! XD (my own version of cupcakes. haha. :p)


  1. haha NICE!! I like it, u try one cupcake for trial

  2. haha.. thanks ya... :p
    try with 1 sin lo.. scare fail ma..haha XD


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