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Friday, November 11, 2011

A surprise flash-mob for a proposal ♥

Omgoshhhh... That girl is so so so ham fukkk ahhh... the guy is just too sweettt... on this very special date, 11.11.11 he had planned to propose to his girl and we eventually had a flash-mob there. He even flew his girl's parents all the way from Hong Kong and her girl was really so so so surprised!!! I almost cried too when I saw the girl's expression when she saw her parents. Omg.. It's just so amazing don't you think? Arghhh... I'm really happy for the couples. May both of them live happily forever. =) and not to forgotten, Sky Bar is really damn cool man!!! The place is sooooo pretty omg.. the walkway beside the pool was very very narrow and we eventually have to dance at the walkway. Thank god we all didn't fell in! Haha. Anyway, all of us really had fun and enjoyed our night. We enjoyed our champagne, our Guiness beer, and of course, camwhoring and dancing all night! Woohooooooo............ XOXO

The happy couples =)

View more pictures @ HERE =)
Click HERE to view better and high quality Sky Bar's picture =)

 I hope I would have a fabulous proposal in the future too. With a lot and a lot of wonderful and awesome surprise and all. 
Stay tune for Hennessy Artistry partayyy tomorrow!!! Let's rock The Mines yo! ^^

<3 HAPPY 11.11.11 <3

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