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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Hey you people out there who said this movie not nice. Come on la. It's nice okay. Don't anti la adui. haha. Although most of the time I don't know what are they talking because there's no subtitles, but the whole story is so nice la wei... Especially the wedding part... So sweet and romantic... The whole place was decorated beautifully. 

Look at the pictures below :
The wedding gown..
Carolina Herrera with Bella's wedding dress in "Breaking Dawn - The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn" (Part 1)

Damn tall la the heels @_@

The wedding place in the jungle. so nice righttt

beautiful! :)

this is so sweet lahhhhhh >.<"

Ish ish ish...... Envynya aku ni... I don't care lah.. I want my wedding to be so beautiful like thisssss also.. :)

More of the wedding photos HERE :)

And the honeymoon also so sweet lahhhh... Omg everything also so sweet lah.. haha.

But this one abit too kao lat d la. hahaha :p

Rated this movie 9/10 =D And and and... Jacob was kinda cute also la by the way. Heheh :)

I can't wait for part 2!!!! Must must must watch!!!! And I thought it would be a baby boy~ Aiks :X

Can I drink blood too? What tok me? LOL

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