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Monday, November 14, 2011

What is the most silly thing that I had ever did for LOVE?

I still put on hope on him even though I know he likes another girl..
I always advice him what should he do in order for him to get the girl although I'm the one who suffers..
I always pretend to be happy in front of him although I felt so jealous seeing him so happy with another girl..
I confess to him through a book and pass it to him on the day we last met and eventually asked him to appreciate the one that he love...
I always hope that he would appear in my dream where he would be mine as in it can't be the reality but at least I'm happy for that short moment... 
I always hoping that one day, he would notice about me..
I still crazy over him all the time even though I know that he don't even bother about it at all..
I pretend that I don't care but deep in the heart I cares a lot...
I love him although I know I'm nobody to him..

Dedicated to YOU :)

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