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Friday, December 2, 2011

Arthur Christmas ♥

Arghhhhh.. I was late for the movie again. When I reach, the operation to deliver the 2 billions present was about to begin. But at least I'm much better than that Ah Long who came in half an hour late. The movie was 9.30pm and he just only woke up and his house is so far away at Kapar there la. Can you imagine how fast he drove? @_@ But anyway, I enjoyed the movie. Tee-heee =D How nice if Santa really exist? I love presents. Hehe. I mean who don't love presents right? =) 

Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy )

Elf's working place. @_@

He's co cute and fast!! You gotta see how he wrap a present! Damn fast wei!!! Haha.

Introducing you the Santa family =D

The Grand Santa


The elder son of Santa- Steven

The younger son of Santa- Arthur!! :)

Justin Bieber in the house yo! (Lights the Empire State Building in honor of ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and Toys for Tots.)

A nice and meaningful movie. Rated 8/10 =)

Watch the trailer of the movie below :)

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