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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME!!!

Hello peeps!!!!!! Have you guys pre-ordered your iPhone4S via Digi? If yes, you are awesome!!! No? WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR??? I'm dying here to own one but due to insufficient income, I wasn't able to purchase it. Sad ='( But but but... this is not the end! When I heard from my friend that Digi is giving away one iPhone4S to a lucky Nuffnanger and the first thing I do when I got back home is to open the Nuffnang website and read the information about this! And hell yeah!! I'm so gonna participate and give it a shot! Because I want to win and who knows, I might be the lucky one? =)
iPhone had been my dream phone for so so so long. I wanted to own one so desperately because I'm truly madly deeply fallen in love with iPhone!!! Seeing all my friends who had one made me so jealous. So envy of them...Hmm.. Then, when I saw some people who shared their status on Facebook saying that they had bought iPhone4S on 16th of Dec 2011 make me even more desperate to own one. 
Thus, I want to win this and I hope that I really can win this!


The one thing that attracted me the most to own this iPhone4S is definitely SIRI!!!! Talking to your own phone? Can you even imagine that? It's gonna be so fun especially when you were bored or lonely. SIRI will always be together with us!! It's like Digi song, "I will follow you..." So cool right... XOXO 

And another best thing was, it's now available with Bluetooth!!!! It is so much more convenient for us now and especially for people like me who often send and receive files from friend's mobile or laptop. 

Apart from that as well, I love GAMES a lot! I remember I always played with my friend's mobile until the battery was almost dead! Haha. And if I had my own iPhone4S, I definitely can play till the max anytime and anywhere I want! Besides, the GPS in the phone would definitely help a person who got lost easily and can't remember the roads like me! (Sorry, I'm weak in Geography =p) Haha. And yes, not to forgotten all the social functions that are available in the phone! Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and lots lots more!! As I was really a Facebook and Twitter freak, it would be so so so convenient for me to log in anytime I want with this iPhone! I remember my friend said a joke about me saying that, "Without Pei Ling(me), Facebook would be bankrupt! Haha!" Can you imagine how active am I? Can't wait till I own one and I could just check in places wherever I go and upload pictures via mobile uploads easily too! (Yes, I'm also a cam-whore freak! Like really FREAK!!!! XD) Wooohoooo... I'm so excited already!!!! ^_^

 What more could I say? The phone is so awesome just the way it is! 

All I want for Christmas is you... iPhone4S =)

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