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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dinner at Boston.

Yay! Had a meet up with my secondary school mates after so long didn't see each other. So nice to see them. Carmen had really gain weight omg!! I was really shock to see her. Yala. Peoplt pak toh is like that wan la. Haha. But glad that she's happy la. I'm happy for her also =) Eugene really changed alot also. Become more good looking than before (Like DUHHH.. LOL)

His picture:

Yeah that shirt looks familiar I know. >.<

I know right? Really change alot lah... lol. And I eventually came across a picture:
LOL. This was last year. Haha. That's our Mr.president btw =D

So yeahh... We met each other again. Looking forward for next time yo! hehehe.. Camwhore time :p 

And and and we met MIKO!!! She was so so so adorableeeeee.. omgggg... It's a toy poodle and it really looks like a toy lahhh... and its so smalll and cuteee.. arghhh.. make me wanna own a puppy also.. =X I can't resist cute things... especially small small people and stuffs like babies and hamster and puppy!!! =D

I love my charming smile =)

Dear Secret Santa, please let me know if you are exist? 
A message in gratitude envelop at least? =(

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