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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Santa!

Today is a great day for me. You know why? Because I got an amazing gift from my secret santa.
FYI, our company now is playing a game called secret santa gift exchange. Everyone would have to pick a random name. Then, till 16th December 2011, you would have to treat your buddy nice. Like sending him/her messages in the gratitude envelop, buy him/her chocolates, sweets, or what so ever lah...and also had to buy a present and put under the Christmas tree and we'll all exchange and reveal our secret santa on the 16th Dec! =D I actually had an crazy idea to surprise my secret buddy. But I'm thinking how do I pass the "thing" to him as it was not really a thing. LOL. See how la. Shall need a plan for it. Hehe. 

Here's my gift from my secret santa:

So sweet right.... He/she eventually gave me a music box, two choki-choki and 5 cute little liquor chocolate I guess? He/she even asked me not to eat too much cos might get drunk! LOL. Is that even possible? Haha. But anyway, although I had no idea whether my secret santa is a girl or guy, I really appreciate it. =)
Few days back, well I got emo abit lah because everyone else had their own surprises like getting free chatime, sweet messages and all..  and I didn't had anything!
But yay! Now I know my secret santa do exist. Hehe..
Thanks secret santa =)

Click HERE for more info about SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE GIFT =)

And I bought a Nu Bra at One Utama which cost me RM159 T.T
Yeah its because tomorrow night is my company's annual dinner! Woohooooo.. *excited*

All G-Peeps!!!! Let's fucking rock PGH tomorrow!!! Woohooooooo...... XOXO

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