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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Star Live Concert 2011 十分红演唱会2011

Thanks to Wai How and Elaine Tan for the ticket yo! :) I planned not to go at first because wanna do my DE but still end up there after I done my quiz anyway. Haha. Although my pat jiak kut almost break because of standing too long, although its so so so packed there, although I can't really see because I'm too short(T.T), but I still enjoy the show! Yeahhh.. =) Neely Anthony is so handsome omg... How can he be so handsome? >.< Haha. What tok me now. LOL. and and and... Ding Dang.. so sweet pretty and sexy.. I like her. hehe =) and I love the backup dancers also. Couldn't take my eyes away from them whenever they dance. Love their expressions and energy and emotions everything! Oh ya, Zhu Hao Ren is good also. Whoaa.. You guys gotta see his dance. Awesome mannn!!!! =D Woohooo...  Overall is a great show. Thumbs up to the organizer. =)

Pictures time ^^
The day is still bright and the event starts at 8.30pm but there are already so many people @_@

Host of the day =)

1. Mr. from Hong Kong

2. Ma Jia Xuan

3. Zhu Hao Ren

4.Alexander Lee

5.Neely Anthony (OMG HE IS DAMN FUCKING HANDSOME!!!!!!!)

6.Ling Jia Jun

7.Lee Sheng Jie

8.Lee Jia Wei

9.Daydream band

10.(Cross over) Daydream+Mr. with host

11.Yen Ya Lun

12. Cross Over- Ding Dang + Jia Wei

13.Ding Dang (SHE IS SO SEXAYYY ^^)

Everyone. XOXO

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