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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jack and Jill

Ate bah ku teh in the morning. Managed to call Jacklyn out. Not easy you know. Haha. Finally can have my bah kut teh after so long.... ^^ Haha. Went shopping with Miss Loo See and Mr.Dummy at Sunway Pyramid after that. Since Mr.Dummy have to go Halo Forest at 8pm, so both of us decide to watch movie while we wait for him. And our choice is so right.... The movie was so so awesome!!! Damn funny and touching at the same time =/ Adam Sandler really geng la. Can act out both character so well. Rated 9/10  for this movie =)


Oh ya, out shopping result. 2 dress for loo see and 1 for me. Haha. Fail. LOL.

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