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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Underworld Awakening

For the first time, we met each other, I knew that we'd be together, I saw in your eyes, It's just a matter of time.. LOL. Just kidding, This was song lyric from "Tear us apart by Nadhirah." Haha. Lame intro I know. :X

What I want to say is, this is for the first time ever I slept inside class when lecturer was teaching. It was justnow morning during INT440 class. I was so so tired. Slept at 4am because of the INT336 assignment last night. Tau lah bai ti kong, somemore need to do assignment. Kolian betul. Haiz. Then Wai How and Jason came by to college. Thus, I followed them back lo. Yeah means that I skipped my afternoon class. What lah.. so lazzy la weii.. >.< Head on to Taylor's to return book and a short campus tour by Jason. Finally, three of us went to watch Underworld Awakening. XD

Well well well. What can I say about this movie? All I could say was this movie is super bloody, super kao lat and really super geng! Haha. The lady damn geng la. Can break down an elevator. @_@ Overall, not bad la =D Rated 8/10 =)

Watch the trailer below:

Please tell me there is next part because I'm not really satisfied with the ending. Kinda hanging there. LOL.

And justnow, Iojh took two of my 2nd badge hamster away jor. Please take care nicely ya T.T

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