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Monday, February 13, 2012


Few weeks back, I've entered a Starbucks contest at Facebook and here's the post: 

Post 1 (FEB 4):

Chinese New Year, for most of the people CNY means the beginning of a year =) But for me, it has another meaning which is to bring together my closest family members and friends by celebrating and have the most joyful moment by having fun together such as having a simple reunion dinner together =) Although we might be living in different places but in the end of the day we are able to meet and celebrate this special and wonderful occasion with the people that we love. Just like Starbucks Malaysia, the joy of togetherness. =) #ChapGohMehwithStarbucks

Post 2 (Feb 7):

Life is nothing without friendship. Although Chinese new year were only 15 days, but in the whole period, we all had so much fun together. We play, we cook, we eat, we drink, we travel, we shop, we sing, we dance, we camwhore, we party, and we celebrate!!! This festive season have brought us back together! From primary to secondary until college! The feeling of togetherness is awesome! It let me feels like we are not just friends, but family too. Just like Starbucks Malaysia, it's not just a coffee, its Starbucks. :) #ChapGohMehwithStarbucks.­ ­

Although I didn't won, but I've done my best and to me I think it's good =)

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