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Friday, February 10, 2012


1st time doing facial treatment. Not bad. At least I enjoyed =D
Was kind of been inspired by someone today - Yurko Ng
I wish I could be like her one day =)
*And she is so pretty. Her skin is so much healthier compared to mine. -.-
And she's already 40+ years old. And guess what? Still got 20 years old guys chasing after her. Imagine that. >.<

I saw two people that I hate the most and I don't wish to see today.
I don't really want to talk to both of you at all do you both know that?
Although I smile at you doesn't mean I like you, it's just that I'm not rude.
F*ck you both. Stay away from my life. Get a life!

No assignment was being touched today. #LAZY.
I shall get a nice sleep now. Goodnight people =) #SWEETDREAM

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