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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghost Rider The Spirit of Vengeance

Thanks to Mr.Mc for the movie treat. wheeee.. you are the most generous friend I've ever know. (I'm shock to know about the RM150 present loh. Jealoussss tauu. U didn't give me before pun =X) I waiting for my birthday present ya this year. Although it's still long but I don't mind waiting. =D Hehehe.
Back to the movie, hmmm. say its nice leh also not all part nice.. say not nice leh also not really la coz some part not bad. It's like a kind of funny movie but not the funny funny. It's more to like a lame funny. lol what tok me. haha. Rated 7/10. =)

Watch trailer below:

Can't wait for the movie screening next Tuesday. wheee :)
and and and I want to watch THIS MEANS WAR. =D

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