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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paddington House of Pancake + Safe House Premiere Screening

The Paddington House of Pancake, The Street at The Curve

My course meal- Texas Grilled chicken chop with fries (This is really deliciousssss) :)

Woohooo.. Dessert timeeee... XD

 I know I know, the dessert looks so so nice rightttttt. :)
Rated 10/10 Super niceee.. you guys should really give it a try next time =D

Dummy and his bro came by later on and all of us went for the movie. Whoaaa XD
Safe House. Well, previously I was not attracted to this movie at all but because I can get free movie ticket so I decided to join only. Mana tau really won. Sure cannot miss this chance la. First time won wei. Not everyone like Wai How lo. So lucky one, keep win win win. Jealous betul >.< Back to the movie, for me it was better than expectation la. Beginning of the movie I almost fall asleep but end up didn't and the movie getting more and more interesting and qi kek after on. Overall not bad for me. Rated 7.5/10 =)

(Wai How, Dummy, and ME!) 3 of us won two tickets each from Nuffnang movie contest!
Thanks Nuffnang! =)

I didn't win Beauty and the Beast contest. Wai How won again!!!! Sighhh =X

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