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Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 hours dream.

In my dream, I was sleeping, then when I woke up, everyone was gone, then I went downstair, saw everyone at living room (Felt relieved). Surprise to know that sis and bro preparing to go camp after that. LOL. Then me, mum and dad went outside to send them away. After that, suddenly I ask dad bout the laptop thingy. Then mum was like whispering bout Iphone. But I refused to ask because I know he wont agree to buy phone for me. >.<

Then another scene came to whereby I slept and then woke up from sleep again. But this time everyone is really gone jor. Suddenly got bad people come and attack me. All of them got SUPER POWERS!!! They try to catch me away T.T
All I can remember is that I keep run and run away from them. Then out of the sudden I realize I got superpower also.But it has limit and need wait for it to auto-refilled. @.@ When I point my finger onto them, they will explode. LOL. And there's something which look like ball and when I used that to touch them, their body will become ash. >.<

Then once when I have the chance to run away, I quickly run as fast as I could to Ivan's house because that's the nearest place that I can seek help from my friend. Hahaha. LAUGH DIE ME. LOL. When I reach there, there were a party going on and the door was not locked, so I just ran into his room to look for him but surprisingly, it was not Ivan that I saw, but was Cory. LOL Then I went downstairs to grab shandy to drink hoping that the smell of alcohol can cover me from letting the bad peoples to sense and find me.(macam Percy Jackson movie je. LOL)

Haven't finish yet. LOL. Then later on, from the window, I saw the bad ppl is coming to get me T.T I don't want them to harm Cory so I quickly teleport myself to my aunt's house (Bukit Tinggi). OMG!!! HAHAHA. Felt relieved but at that time I don't want my relatives to get hurt also, then I all I could think is to teleport myself to Cy's house(Botanic) @.@ And the next moment, I heard 2am's song "Even If I die, I Can't let you go", which means my ringtone had make me awake!!!! THE END. Hahaha. X)

This is the result of a dream of 3 hours sleep. And it's not the first time I dream of super powers and bad guys try to attack me. Perhaps its really related to my real life where I really afraid of bad people and too much of imaginary on magic, super powers and those fiction thingy. LOL. XOXO

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