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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy birthday to my beloved grannie :)

Celebrated our beloved grand's(dad side) birthday at Restaurant Kam Lun Tai Klang (Opposite Crystal Crown). People, please don't ever go there to dine. Service and food is bad!!! Not recommended!!! Anyways, let's talk bout the happy thing. Tee-hee.. So cute to see my grannie wearing my jacket. See picture below. Haha XD 

Happy 74th birthday amah!!!! Wish you stay happy and healthy always.


Sad to see this picture. You figure out why. Hmm.. :/

Lovely picture. Love it so muchhh =)

My brother spoilt the picture!!!! >.<

Like twins! LOL

So called 4 qian qing xD

All together =D (My uncle photoshop and put his picture inside (2nd from the left).
I notice only when he told me! GENG!!! XD)


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