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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax 3D Premiere Screening

3rd time of winning movie tickets after the last one "The Devil Inside". Hehe. xD

This time all of us won 16 tickets in total from Nuffnang and Churp2. And what a waste because there's 2 more extra tickets. Hmm.. Mostly can't make it for the movie. Sobsss.. =(

Here's a picture of me and The Lorax before entering the cinema.^^

This fella is just so cute la weiii. Hahaha XD

THE LORAX= Rated 9/10 =)
Love this movie. I think it is a very meaningful movie because it really taught us to love the nature. And I love the musical concept. Oh oh and the three fishes.. so cutee.. haha. all the animals were cute also. xD

Watch trailer below:

Oh my myy.. I really can't imagine if I live in a town which made of plastic and have to buy oxygen to breath! LOL. 

Protect our nature people! =)

Oh and thanks to NUFFNANG and CHURPCHURP too! =D

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