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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Means War.

FINALLYYYYYY like finallyyyy I get to watch this movie!! *Drum Rolls* Hahaha. Wanted to watch this darn movie so long but didn't had a chance to watch. Like previously when we went to KL for Ichiban that day, we got a chance to watch but since we had told our Loo See jie jie that we gonna watch this movie instead of "Devil Inside movie", of course lah we cannot watch first, if not she will know lah we lie to her. XD haha luckily she wasn't angry because the movie is not so scary, if not all of us are doomed. LOL.  okay back to this movie, rated 9/10 =D maybe some people think it's not really nice, but yeah for me it's awesome lahhh.. was laughing non-stop throughout the movie! nice one- totally recommended =D

Trailer of the movie:

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