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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dark Flight

The one thing that I scare before watching this movie is not the movie gonna be so scary but is what Loo See's reaction gonna be. T.T I think Ivan felt the same also >.< Omggg.. Felt so guilty shit lahh. Sorry, this is the 2nd time I lied and brought you to watch ghost movie. When you turn to me and Ivan and said "You are just wasting my time!" So damn fierce and scary you know. We don't dare to talk to you after the movie. T.T Sorry once again, if there's next time I sure don't wanna be in the team! *Next time??* LOL. Oritee, back to the movie.. if you guys don't wanna waste your money, I advice you not to watch! A very lame+stupid+not scary at all but disgusting movie!  Even Sm that are afraid to watch ghost movie also say that this movie is not scary. And really thumbs up to the makeup team because you guys really make all the ghost so ghostly disgusting!!! >.< Rated 3/10.

Watch trailer below:

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