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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. - Lilo and Stitch

Everyone has their own problems, more to what I really want to say, family problems. When we were small, we gets naughty, parents will scold, will beat will punish us. Using cane, belt, hanger.. these few are among those famous one I suppose. Yesterday night, after I listen to few stories from some of my friends, suddenly I felt I'm a lot luckier than them. Well not to say I didn't get punish from my parents before (which is impossible) I believe everyone does. I remember when I was in secondary school, there's this one time where my sister and I waited for my mum to come and pick us for almost one hour. We stood at the bridge outside our school and waited there. At that time, we don't have mobile phones and when we called her with the public phone, she said she's gonna be late or something like that I can't remember. As I remembered, after one hour passed, I get really pissed off and I decided to walk back home. On the way walking back home, I was crying and really angry at my mum that time. When I reach home, my mum came home no longer after that. I slammed my room's door very hard. Then she came up and scolded me. She told me she's just being late for this one time and why I want to get angry? I forgot what I said but I think I raise up my voice to her and PIAKKK!!! I got my first slap ever from my mum. That really hurts. :/ and why I say I'm much more luckier? I think at least my parents don't fight everyday now. Because they won't even talk to each other. Haha. :') Staying in the same house, but seems like stranger. I couldn't event imagine what will happen during my convocation. Who shall I bring? Both of them? I guess that is pretty impossible though. Hmm. I always have a wish which is to have my 21st birthday party in my house. And I think that could never happen to. Just imagine la, Barisan National and PKR, can they cooperate together? I don't think so. I can't remember when's the last time we went out for dinner, when's the last time we went shopping together. Sometimes, its really hard to be the middle person. I have both sides of my relatives to talk to. During my grandma's(dad's side) birthday, when they ask where's your mummy? Thankful that she's in Australia that time and at least I have an excuse to give. But if she's not? During the dinner that I attend with my mum for our relative's birthday, they asked my mum, where's your husband? Why he didn't come? "Oh, he's teaching singing class" answered by her. Sometimes, I really sad. I remembered someone used to tell that I'm strong. Oh, don't be surprise because I don't tell everyone about this. Just to two person that I really trust and I don't know.. I just feel like telling him. He said that if he were in my position, he won't be able to stand it. If I'm not strong, what can I do? Cry everyday? It won't work. What I worried the most is my brother. He's just 13 years old. 13 years old mannn. I felt really sad for him because he could not have more good childhood memories. Hmmmm.. Well I don't want to really mention what really happen among my parents but I hope things just won't get worst anymore. For now, at least I still can see both of them everyday. If they really can't work out, just let them be like this. Hopefully they won't get divorced. All I can say.

-22 APRIL 2012-

Seeing this picture.. Can't remember that he's such a camwhore last time. And as he grow bigger, he became more cool! Look at the difference in the picture from the left(past) and right(current). Haha. Changed a lot hasn't he? =P He's already same height with me now and I'm sure he will grow taller and more lengzai. Love you =)

Oh oh and before I forgot, congrats to all my friends who attend convocation and officially graduated from college! All the best in you careers yo! :)

Till then :)

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