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Friday, April 27, 2012

Our feelings.

As I mentioned in my Facebook status, you guys are already adults. Can you both please please please think of your children's feelings? With the situation that three of us had to face just now, what do you both think our feelings will be? I'm already 21 years old. I can understand and bare with it. Even sis can too. But can you both at least think of your son? He's just 13 years old. Come on guys.. Think la. He's being so obedient and listen to both of you because he's still small. He's still in the process of growing up. What if he's bigger and know how to think more? What if he cannot stand it and don't want to go to school just because BOTH OF YOU ARE ARGUING TO FETCH HIM TO SCHOOL? Buy me a car, I'll fetch him then. You guys don't have to fight because of that. Can? Hmmm... My main point is, I really afraid that it would live a bad impact on him. What if he li jia zhu zhou one day? What if he really got the tension and effect his studies? I really want him to grow up as a happy boy without have to face this kind of problem. I believe both of you know that three of us did cried just now. Can both of you just don't make us nan zhuo? When I see both of you arguing just now, I really wanted to shout and said WHY DON'T I FETCH HIM TO SCHOOL THEN, CAN BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP ARGUING! But I don't have enough courage to do it. Seeing sis cried in the other room, I couldn't do anything about it. God please tell me.. what can I do? what should I do about it? Hmmmm...

Really miss all the happy moments.

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