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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Premiere screening of Battleship

Thanks to Churp Churp once again, I've won myself another two ticket passes for this movie. Oh yeah =D and many thanks to Willis and Valerie to help me and my sis to collect our tickets. First time late >.< Should I blame the driver? Haha. Just kidding =P Anyways, BATTLESHIP is damn freaking awesome shittt!!!!! A MUST MUST to watch! Much more yeng than Transformer in my opinion and the actor ehemmm berry cuteee.. me likeyyy :p  Rated this movie 9.5/10 I wanna give 10 but Ivan said we should give them space to improve so ok lah.. haha =D

Alex Hopper! =D

Captain Nagata =D

Rihanna on the go!

Everyone sure will love this part! :p

I wonder if in the future, there's really some alien from no where came to our place, what will happen? "Brace yourself" LOL

Look at Brooklyn Decker's waist!! - 2nd from right (DAFUQ?)

Watch trailer of Battleship below:

Snow white and the Hunstman - I'm waiting for youuuuu =X

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