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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Premiere screening of Streetdance 2

First episode you got ballet, and now in this 2nd episode you got latin! Oh la laaa.. xD Really love the movie. Awesome dancers, awesome moves, they go b-boy, they go pop, lock, and hip-hop! And the latin moves is so sexayy. and and and also the music really make me feels wanna dance along. Haha. and the last dance was superb! The combination of latin+street was fuhhhh.. SO AWESOMEE!!!! Overall the whole movie is awesome lahh. Rated 9/10 :D

Thanks ChurpChurp! :)

Inspired from the movie: "Dance with your heart, not your head" =)

One word: WOW @.@

Watch the trailer below:

Step up Revolution, waiting for you ^^

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