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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy 520 =)

Tonight's feeling was kinda down. Hmm. Suppose to go back at 8 after work but since Desmond want to wait for the others then it's okay lah. Wait together then. Was super hungry justnow because I've not eaten anything since morning. :/ So I sat alone and listening to songs. But then.. there's one song that I made me teared. Hmm. Couldn't help it but.. nevermind. Yes. I'm not happy. Yes. I was... Hmm. Blog public was a problem also sometimes. Cannot reveal too much thing here. Haha. That's why I have my Starbucks Planner. :D. Don't think too much. Shall sleep now. Goodnight.

How did you spend your last year's 520? My last two year was like this. Didn't wrote anything for last year so yeahh. Nothing special though. LOL.

Anyway, Happy 520. =)

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