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Monday, June 11, 2012

LONDON The Summer Musical 2012

First of all, big thanks to my aunt for giving me her ticket for this show. =) This is the first time that I went to a musical show LIVE like this. (Not concert okay =D) And yeahh.. it was a really great experience indeed. The casts were cute and pretty(oklaaa.. hahaha) There's this one guy who looks like Bieber. Haha. LOL. Their vocals were superb! (FANTASTIC BABY ^^) Lightning was awesome, the background was nice.. Well one thing which is not really good was the venue. I thought it would be a place with air-cond. But it was not really hot la though because the night that I went was just nice and chill =) (Please wear short short if you are going yea ^^) Overall, all I can say is I definitely enjoyed the show =) Rated 9/10 =)

He loves this =)

After 15 minutes break =)

The short appearance of Phantom of the Opera

The cast singing My heart will go on by Celine Dion (You will melt listening to this =D)

More pictures from my album @ HERE =)

Ok I change my mind.. not really cute but the 1st one from left not bad la ^^

See more behind the scenes @ HERE =)
More clearer pictures @ HERE =)
More info for the show @ HERE =) 


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