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Monday, June 25, 2012

Nuffnang Contest Submission: The Amazing Spiderman

The incey wincey spider 

Climbed up the spout 
Down came the rain 
And washed the spider out 
Out came the sun 
And dried up all the rain 
And the incey wincey spider 
Climbed up again..

Yayyy.. The amazing spidey!!! Peter Parker is back to action yo! :D
It's Andrew Garfield!!!! *Screamssss* =D

Back to the main topic, what was our question again? 

Q: If you were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would you want to get?

Before that, all thanks to NUFFNANG for this contest.
*Another free movie, yayyyy!!! (I hope) :PP *

If I were given a chance, I will definitely want to become a puppy. Just like Bolt, cute and superb at the same time. Woohoooo... I want to be a puppy because I love being pampered and loved by everyone. Being so adorable and I can use my superpowers to save the world at the same time is just so awesome. Talking about superpowers, it's definitely gonna be cool when a cute puppy has the super power of telekinesis and to predict the future. I could feel myself being so awesome when I could do anything with just using my mind to control it. Also, I could prevent many bad situations form happening because I could predict the future! =)

I always love super powers and magical stuffs. Always dream that how nice if all of us have super powers too? Haha. I know it's silly but yeah.. I love it. :) So.. spidey spidey... *ngek ngek ngek :p*

Let's do it babeh =D


More info on this movie @ HERE =D

PLEASE CHOOSE ME PRETTY PLEASE!!! *showing my pity eyes* ^.^

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