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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Premiere Screening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Thanks to ChurpChurp once again! Seems like Nuffnang don't like me already. IMY =( But still, I won't give up =)

The vampires in the movies were really ugly lahh. LOL. Well, to be honest.. I almost fell asleep la. Haha. Don't know it's because I'm too tired already or the story line a bit bored? Haha. Or maybe it's just not attractive enough too catch my attention? What talk me. LOL. And I know Mary would do something to help Abraham. Really as my expectation. Haha. Watch and you'll know what I meant. But anyways, overall for me.. urmmm. I rate this movie 7.5/10 =)

Brave up next maybe? =)

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