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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Do you guys know exactly what a flash mob is? I've seen many flash mob performances and every and each definitely have its own style of dance and different ways of presenting it to the audience. But somehow, some people just don't get the real meaning of flash mob where all they know were, they would come out to dance from one person, then the number of dancers will slowly increase till everyone came out to dance. Yes, yes, it's true but somehow the real meaning wasn't there. A true flash mob is whereby, when the music starts, these particular dancers really come out and dance suddenly like nobody's business no matter what they are doing and finish the dance like nothing ever happen. (DANCE LIKE A BOSS) (Y)

So back to our question, "How would you organize your flash mob?"

Firstly, of course many many many thanks to the awesome NUFFNANG and NUSANTARA EDARAN FILEM for this super great opportunity to take part in this awesome contest and get the chance to win all the great merchandises. *screamssssss* I know that this contest is coming up for sure and it's finally here!!! You can't imagine how I love dance so much and how much I HOPE TO WIN THIS CONTEST so much and THOSE MERCHANDISES!!! (LIKE DUHHHHH) (Well who don't hope to win right? :P)

Well.. I always wanted to do a flash mob during my wedding. *Blush* :DDD Yeah mannn!! MY BIG DAY. It would be so dang awesome lahhh! Just imagine all of your guest were halfway eating and suddenly lights off! Then the bride and the bridegroom will stand in the middle of the wedding hall and they would start dancing when the music starts. All dancers will slowly came out from everywhere; the guests, the waitress, the event planner, my friends and relatives, or even my parents themselves! (Fuhhhh) Dancing together with my loved ones, dancing together with my friends and family.. It would definitely gonna be my best experience ever especially when it's during the one of the biggest, wonderful, and most important day in my life. :))

Perhaps, ending the dance with a kiss!! :)
Awwwwww... So romanticcccc :')

How cool was that?????

So what are we still waiting for????



The trailer of the movie: 

Dang those moves!! I hope I could dance like them!! 

Although I'm not a good dancer but hell yea I love dancing so much and tried flash mob before. And trust me, it's really fun. Dancing together with so many people and the feeling is just so awesome! :DD Freeze mob is awesome too! =P And I just want to share my happiness here. My college's 30-hour famine camp had been chosen as one of the group that would be performing for the 30-Hour Famine on the 5th of August! Pray that we'll get to see WANG LEE HOM at the back stage! Tee-heee =P

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