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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hunting for lala =)

A random plan but yet it was great experience that I ever had. Well of course it's super tiring but it's fun at the same time. Haha. Under the super hot weather, have to walk across the sea and need to keep prevent myself from stepping on those Hermit crabs. There are so many of them okay :X It's not easy to find all those lala. And it's not that if we found their hiding place, there would be like a bunch of them. NO!!!! It's one by one. They are so good in hiding. @.@ Imagine 5 hours under the hot hot sun searching for lala. Omgieeeee... Not everyone can do that. Can you? >.< Fisherman's job is ain't easy man. Salute them. Thanks to them, all of us can enjoy all those lala, siham, crabs, fish and whatever sea food that we have now.  =D

This uncle teaching us how to put that thing(to catch lala)

GUESS WHO??? =_____________=


OUR HARDWORK. (I contribute one lala though :p)

Don't know who catch wan >.<

Till we meet again!
Goodbye. :)

**Special report- Alson See Ming Chang was caught dating with Miss X who he don't want to reveal who at Morib on the same day we went hunting for lala. =P

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