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Saturday, July 14, 2012

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012

Was another random plan. Haha. I don't expect to go this event because I was supposed to be at Stadium Matshushita for Bon Odori. Sorry to those who I promised that I would be going. I just can't resist this concert because I really wanted to go so badly. Was wondering the day before if anyone had the tickets to the event but end up with disappointment. But till 2pm I got a message from abang Soon Ming asking me whether I want to go and I was like.. OMGGGG.. I WANTTTTT... I rejected him at first but still.. my heart can't resist to go wey... Thanks for the invitation though! =D So yeahh.. here we go..

Me and the Soon Ming

I heard the entrance open at 3.30pm. I wonder how many people would go there so early to wait? @.@ Just look at the crowd man.... LOL

For the first time I met Justin Bieber in LIVE but from far only T______T

 He keep touch his hair. -__- His signature pose I know. Don't know how many times he wanna touch. LOL

Spot Bieber =D

KARA's next!!! =D

Mizz Nina in the house! (Dennis Yin is the one with the right shirt on the right! =D)


We left earlier when Jay Park was performing the song Nothing on You. We were damn hungry, damn thirsty, damn hot, damn sweaty, damn tak boleh tahan already. Haha. Left earlier to avoid jam also. Hehe. =D

What's the next event? Tee-heee =p

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